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"Dr. Duncan offers many treatment options, from non-invasive to full surgical procedures. She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and has been in practice in Colorado for over 20 years. She specializes in facial enhancement, breast surgery, and body contouring. Because she is a teacher of new surgic.."
"Affinity Interior Incorporated is a full-service interior woodworking company. Specializing in interior trim, cabinetry and custom woodworking and design. Wood working and design include, but are not limited to, libraries, stair systems, custom master closets, and installation of compound molding. W.."
"Fort Collins Headache Center is the best mental health center in Fort Collins
March 10th, 2014 9:42 PM CDT
"I was so upset as soon as I received a garnishment on my wages. I hadn?t realized that my tax problem had fallen so behind. I knew it was bad, but didn?t know it was VERY bad. I contacted them and they began working on my situation from the very first day. I provided them all of the paperwork they r.."
"Around 3-4 years back when I retired, I took everything I had out of my 401K. I was thinking that when I received the money the tax was taken out. I'm wrong. I was wrong to assume the IRS wouldn?t come after my government check. They garnished me for over 12 months and I finally called these la.."
"I had been used by Tax Masters and JK Harris. I feel like I?ve invested so much in an attempt to get this tax mess resolved. I used to be hesitant with regards to phoning these folks, but I am happy I did. They're able to discount the cost for my services since I had been through so much. Today.."
"If you want to solve your IRS problems, get in touch with these people. If you?re planning to waste time and keep putting your IRS issues off, don?t call them. They are experts and they helped me to get back on track. I was a truck driver during the late 90s and I ended filing my tax years in 2000 w.."
"It's been a few years since I had filed my returns, so I was terrified when I got my first notice. I realized I needed to have my issues fixed. First letter was from IRS, the next came from the State of California. Their attorneys help me from the start. I?m happy to declare that my tax debt is.."
"I became fed up with getting letters from the IRS, but scared to try and do anything to fix it. I called this company and they helped me quickly. They were my first choice and I am very happy I found them. I have loved ones to support and a baby on the way and without them I would not manage to look.."