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Name: Updegraff Vision: Dr. Stephen Updegraff
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"The Dolman Law Group is a recognized St Petersburg personal injury law firm founded in 2009 by President and Managing Partner Matthew Dolman, Esq. If you have been injured as a result of an auto accident, the St. Petersburg injury attorneys at Dolman Law Group, are ready to assist you. We are happy .."
"I am a single mother raising two kids. My ex was claiming the children for quite a while. Each year I would have to deal with the IRS problems and prove they live with me. I?m used to the IRS being a problem. Earlier this year it happened again and I ended up owing $14,000 for some other problem. Th.."
"The IRS was giving me the run around for quite some time. They kept claiming that I had all these past taxes due, when in fact I hadn?t even filed. They?d send me a letter claiming I owed $75,000!!! I don?t have that kind of money. I contacted them and they were able to have my back taxes filed and .."
"With experience in both criminal and civil law, Mr. Khonsari built the law firm with the standard of doing everything possible for each and every client. With over forty jury trials, he has used his trial advocacy in successfully representing clients charged in criminal court and also those who have.."
"Around 3-4 years back when I retired, I took everything I had out of my 401K. I thought that once I got the money the tax was taken out. I was wrong. I was wrong to think the IRS wouldn?t get my government check. They garnished me for more than 12 months and I finally called these attorneys for help.."
"I?m a nurse and I have many travel expenses. I was audited for a few years because of the expenses that my accountant said that I had, and I didn?t have them. I had to have a person that understood my situation and can help me take care of it. I am now resolved and able to proceed with my life. Than.."
"It had been several years since I'd filed my returns, so I was terrified when I received my first letter. I knew the time had come to have my problems resolved. First letter was from IRS, the next came from the State of California. Their lawyers helped me out from day one. I?m happy to say that.."
"I am a single mom raising 2 kids. My ex has been claiming the children for quite some time. Every year I would live through the IRS problems and provide evidence that they are living with me. I am used to the IRS being a problem. Earlier this year it happened again and I also found myself owing $14,.."