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August 11th, 2014 10:20 AM CDT

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"My personal experience with your company has been beyond satisfactory…it is exceptional."
"The service we received were impeccable! We will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends."
"They truly care about their clients, provide exceptional customer service. Always treat us with courtesy and respect."
"The Internal Revenue Service is a large animal. Knowing they are the biggest collection agency in the country didn?t frighten me. What frightened me was that I am to pay them money and I had no idea what they would do in order to make me pay for it. The final letter I received stated that I am to pa.."
"I used to be a real estate agent in 2005 and did very well when the industry was good. The moment it crashed, I found myself owing the IRS a lot of money that I didn?t have. They were able to get me fixed and I didn?t have to sell my house to pay my debt back. I am in an affordable payment and was g.."
"I am a single mom raising two kids. My ex was claiming my kids for several years. Each year I'd have to deal with the IRS issues and provide evidence that they are living with me. I?m used to the IRS being a pain. Earlier this year it happened again and I also ended up owing $14,000 for a diffe.."