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"I was used by Tax Masters and JK Harris. I feel like I?ve invested so much in an attempt to have this tax mess sorted out. I used to be doubtful with regards to phoning these people, but I am glad I did. They even discounted the cost for my services because I had already been through so much. I?m no.."
February 25th, 2014 10:27 AM CST
"I am a single mom with two kids. My ex has been claiming my children for several years. Each year I would have to handle the IRS issues and provide evidence that they live with me. I am used to the IRS becoming a pain. This past year it happened again and I wound up due $14,000 for another problem. .."
"I?m a nurse and I have many travel expenses. I'd been audited for a few years because of the expenses that my accountant said that I had, and I didn?t have them. I was in need of a person that fully understood my problem and could help me resolve it. I am now resolved and ready to proceed with .."
January 23rd, 2014 5:29 AM CST
"I became sick of receiving notices from the IRS, and yet scared to do anything to fix it. I contacted this company and they helped me right away. These folks were my first choice and I?m so happy I found them. I have a family to support and a baby on the way and without them I wouldn't manage t.."
"If you?re having troubles with the IRS, contact these people. I can?t say enough positive things with regards to them. From start to finish, I?m so happy. We're in deep trouble, and I had no idea exactly what the result is going to be. My fear of the unknown has vanished and my IRS Tax Debt is .."
"The IRS had been giving me the run around for several years. They kept saying that I had all these past taxes due, when in reality I hadn?t even filed. They?d send me a notice saying I owed $75,000!!! I don?t have that kind of money. I contacted them and they made it possible to have my back taxes f.."
"I had been used by Tax Masters and JK Harris. I feel as if I?ve put in so much in an attempt to have this tax mess fixed. I was hesitant about phoning these folks, but I am relieved I did. They even discounted the charge for my services because I had already been through a lot. Today, I'm in an.."
"It had been a few years since I had filed my returns, so I was frightened as soon as I got my very first notice. I knew I needed to get my issues fixed. First letter was from IRS, the next was from the State of California. Their lawyers assist me to from the start. I?m glad to declare that my tax de.."
"I became extremely upset when I got a garnishment on my wages. I hadn?t know that my tax issue had gone so past due. I knew it was bad, but didn?t know it was VERY bad. I contacted these folks and they started concentrating on my situation from day 1. I provided them all the paperwork they asked for.."
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