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"Help with my back taxes was not on my mind as soon as I called these people, and yet that?s what I have. I only planned to file, however they were so thorough they found out that I actually had a bigger problem in comparison to I initially imagined. I owed $40,000 to the IRS?from 2006! I had a busin.."
"I was very troubled as soon as I got a garnishment on my wages. I hadn?t know that my tax issue had gone so overdue. I knew it was bad, but didn?t know it was SO bad. I contacted them and they began working on my case from the very first day. I provided them all of the documents they asked for and i.."
"The Internal Revenue Service is a big animal. Knowing they are the largest collection agency in America didn?t frighten me. What frightened me was that I owed them money and I had no clue what they would do to make me pay it. The final notice I was given said I owed more than $36,000. I called these.."
December 12th, 2011 2:40 PM CST
"I took my daughters to see the Garden of Lights which were beautiful. Then we went to the Christmas Kingdom at the Castle of Muskogee. We drove through the inflatables, which were all interesting and very diverse. Then we went inside the Castle where there was places to do some shopping, with a whol.."