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"The manager is also the best. They make sure the customer is always happy."
"They make their products as if it is made just for you to suit your liking. Best customer service."
"Every single one of their works is one of a kind in the good way."
February 9th, 2016 11:39 AM CST
"Family owned business in Norman since 1977. Great customer service, excellent quality, everyday low prices. This is a Norman business with honest, hard working people that we need to support!"
"I had been used by Tax Masters and JK Harris. I feel like I?ve put in so much in an attempt to have this tax problem resolved. I was hesitant about calling these people, but I am glad I did. They even discounted the cost for my services because I had already been through a lot. I?m now in a reasonab.."
"I was tired of receiving letters from the IRS, and yet terrified to try and do anything about it. I called this company and they assisted me right away. These folks were my first choice and I?m very glad I found them. I have loved ones to support and a new baby on the way and without them I wouldn&#.."
"About 3-4 years back when I retired, I took everything I got out of my 401K. I was thinking that once I received the money the tax was deducted. I was incorrect. I was also wrong to believe the IRS wouldn?t come after my government check. They garnished me for over a year and I finally contacted the.."
"I became so worried as soon as I got a garnishment on my wages. I hadn?t realized that my tax problem had gone so past due. I knew it was bad, but didn?t know it was VERY bad. I contacted these folks and they started focusing on my situation from day 1. I presented them all the documents they reques.."
January 21st, 2014 7:17 PM CST
"Yesterday I had a visit from an IRS office and so I contacted these guys. I am so glad I did. If I had to deal with this officer by myself, I have no clue what I might have done. He was looking around my property and penning things down. I need to pay more than $100K for a business transaction from .."
January 20th, 2014 8:18 AM CST
"I owe the IRS $45,000 and located them on the internet. I am so pleased that I hired them. It's been several years ever since I had filed a tax return and did all that for me. I don?t have to worry about the IRS anymore and now I've got the relief I have been looking for. I never would hav.."