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Emerald Valley Towing

Eugene, OR
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Eugene Towing & Wrecker Services

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User Comment #4
by on December 2nd, 2012 at
I have had such an incredibly horrible experience with this company that I would love to share with all of you and maybe if we get enough people to comment and report this company to the Better Business Bureau they will start losing their contracts with Eugene apartment complex's and be put in their rightful place.

Basically the situation is as follows. The other day I had my car towed by Emerald Valley Towing. I called the towing company to tell them that I wanted to come pick up my car. I went to the towing company and tried to explain to them that I had my parking permit for the spot I was parked in and asked if there was anything they could do on the towing fee. The owner was disrespectful and aggressive to me and even mocked me. He literally called me "ignorant" and made fun of the way I talked and gestured. And this is a man that owns a business. Wow. It gets better though.

About an hour later I started receiving calls from Eugene area codes, I thought it was weird because I don't live in Eugene and nobody I know has a Eugene phone number. The callers said that my phone number was in a post that said I had "3 free cows need gone" in "veneta". I don't live in Eugene and I don't have cows. This was the post that they made:

i have 3 dari cows i need moved off my property by 12/3/2012. please call me asap 503-xxx-xxxx thanks no text call only anytime

Given the brevity of the time between my incident at the towing company, the fact that I don't live in Eugene and only know a handful of people in the area (all of them my friends who I went to high school with, all who have 503 area codes), I know for a fact it is the towing company.

I have reported them to the BBB and have called the towing company telling them I know it was them who made the ad and that I want an apology from the pig of an owner.

If you're just as fed up with being treated like trash from a company that doesn't deserve to be standing, owned by a man who clearly realizes that his job doesn't benefit anybody but his selfish and disrespectful self than please, report them here, at the BBB, file a lawsuit.
Edited on December 2nd, 2012 at 3:16 PM CST
User Comment #3
by on September 7th, 2012 at
Do not use this tow company. I recently got my car towed from my below my OWN apartment, in my own parking space. I didn't have my parking pass in my car so they towed my vehicle. I was charged $250.00. The people were rude, and when I showed up to pick up my vehicle, nobody was at the business. Stay away from Emerald Valley towing.
User Comment #2
by on September 30th, 2010 at
I agree 100% with the person below. The company comes off more as a poorly run gang than anything that comes close to a real business.

I parked in a lot near Subway at 8:30 pm where the business' lot was empty and the business closed. In no way was I encroaching on parking spaces, because all of them were open. I went into Subway for exactly 9 minutes to come out and see that my car had been towed with absolutely no sign of a tow truck. It was literally so quick that I thought my car was stolen. In no way could my 9 minutes of parking lot use justify $250 worth of towing fees. It was clearly predatory towing.

Being the first time my car was towed, I thought that this was cruel, but in no way criminal. I read this article and recognized the fact that this "Patrol towing" is in fact very illegal. It explained my feeling of getting taken advantage of.

The correct action is file a complaint right away. If you take the right action, as long as you have a legitimate argument, you should find compensation. Either way it's good to file a complaint, because the state is currently trying to make these practices illegal.

Also, in Emerald Valley's situation, when I went to get my car, the business had essentially rented out a gravel lot next to a Bi-More building. Two very scummy characters took my money (I gave them $260 and they almost didn't give me my $10's back to make my total $250) and they told me to drive around the building to get my car. My friend and I passed something that looked more like a junk yard than a towing lot; gutted cars lined the side. When I finally got around the building four people that looked almost for sure homeless sat in a trailer near my car. I got my car and got out of there as quickly as possible. Throughout the whole process I felt incredibly unsafe.

Aside from calling the city, it's also wise to call local media outlets and the business whose lot your car was towed from.
Edited on September 30th, 2010 at 12:11 AM CDT
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