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Texmaster Express Inc

2719 Avenue E E # 502
Arlington, TX
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User Comment #2
by on April 23rd, 2013 at
Any TEMC customer receives benefit at the expense of this company's drivers, who are exploited terribly. Do you know they charge us $88.00 per month for the scanner and specimen bag used in completing your orders? The driver pays for every drop of the gas for your delivery, with no reimbursement at all. I drove for TEMC for just under a month, averaging about 1K miles/ $125 in gas per week. My first paycheck was about $150, though by the time I got it, I'd spent about $300 in gas (they don't pay for 2 weeks). On Craigslist you will find their ad saying, " We currently have experienced full time drivers with earnings of $1,000.00 ? $1,500.00 per week." But I never saw anything like that for pay. There are more drivers than there is work, to offset the problem that comes when a fed up driver suddenly quits. Yes TEMC drivers drive ALL over DFW. Yes they have no way to know if their getting paid the promised 45% of your order, because they don't know how much TEMC got paid for it. They tell you to deduct your expenses on your taxes, but the 1099 doen'st even list the weekly charge of $32.00 (annual $1,536), so the IRS has no proof that you are allowed (or right) to deduct. If you are at all thinking about driving for this company keep on walking. It's bad news from beginning to end.
Edited on April 24th, 2013 at 12:49 AM CDT
User Comment #1
by on January 5th, 2011 at
Texmasters first off lies about how much their drivers get paid when you go in for interview, they claim we make $1000 plus a week which is bullshit!! I worked there for 3 months, put 50k miles pretty much on my car/rent a car as well, they hold your checks for two weeks to gain interest in the bank, they switch pay days to gain more interest, my last week I worked I worked at exactly 100 hours and only made 476 dollars that's some *** bullshit!! That's not including the gas that I had to dish out my own *** pocket, you generally drive 500-800 miles a day to even make 800 a week without your gas taken out n cost you near 400 a week in gas, they require u to work 12 he shifts that's nearly minimum wage not including wear and tare on your car! they have the worst dispatchers I've ever seen in my life, I would go to azle to fort worth then have to head to Dallas to pick up *** that that's retarded, they have pharmacy runs that only pay 5 dollars that u gotta drive over 25 miles to get to and it cost 2.90 to drive that far so u made a 1.10 whoop di do! I hope yall dumb *** read this, and y'all wonder why you have such a high turn over rate? Pfft pay your drivers right n maybe you won't. They start you out at 45% commission which is bull *** as well, I work for eagle express now, TEMC lost a good driver because they don't wanna up my percent fine bye!!! Eagle express pays me weekly, I drive 250 miles a day tops, and work 8 hour days n I made $925 dollars last week. Haha and I started at 65% commission. For those that read this and work for TEMC are getting screwed out the *** and TEMC don't seem to care, I worked over 1040 hours n got 8476$ in total add it that's not even taking my gas out!! Thats 13 weeks of work, 80 hour plus a week!! 350$-500$ in gas a week, u on the road so you gotta eat three times a day out that's another $15 bucks a day, *** TEMC! Go eagle express I make about a grand a week n don't use my car as much nor do I drive as much
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