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"Posted By : SSG Wilson TNARNG (brian.wilson17@us.army.mil)
Posted : 5/12/2009
Comments : Doc' Harden is an outstanding trainer and Officer. I first met LTC Harden while deployed in Iraq, where he did my Units initial in-theater medical orientation briefing for combat medical evac ops..."
"Posted By : Kalin Honaker (khonaker08@ehc.edu)
Posted : 6/5/2009
Comments : Prior to my experience with Western Masters, I had no interest whatsoever in taking martial arts. All I saw in American Martial Arts was an over-commercialized industry in which people pay to learn how to hurt each.."
"Posted By : Leigh Ann Young M.D. (leigh.ann.yong@va.gov)
Posted : 10/20/2009
Comments : I started training about one year ago with my husband (an anesthesiologist) and our two son's and we "Love the training, fellowship, and fun! I am in the best shape of my "life"! I h.."