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35 Steeplechase Loop
Hampton, VA
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Hampton Pet Grooming
See the full results (3) for Hampton Pet Grooming
See the full results (3) for Hampton Pet Grooming

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User Comment #2
by on July 13th, 2009 at
I liked the idea of someone coming to my home to groom my boys, however it wasn't as pretty as one might think. The person came on the right day, just late. I advised that the little one needed a sensitive shampoo and if she didn't have one I did. And that both boys needed their nails dremeled and not cut. She took the little one first. After two hours you would think that everything would of been completed and perfect. He came in and she took the big one out. The little one still had long hair hanging out of his ears, and had strays all over his body, all she had to do was buzz all but 1/4 inch and still missed things. I got a closer look and she didn't even dremel his nails ( which was a main point I covered) or even cut them. Before she was finished with the big one, the little one was chewing himself raw, his manhood, his shoulders. I picked him up and gave him a bath in the sink with his shampoo and saw that she had cut him behind his right shoulder, and could see that it was still bleeding. When she came back with the big one, I paid her and she left. The big one's nails weren't done, and his buzz cut wasn't correct or ear clipped either. Was very disappointed. I do not drive, medically not able to, having a service that promises to come to your home and care for your pets was too big of a promise for them to do. I did not feel the need to have a moment with the young lady that provided the service nor contact the office, hearing the shortness of the office receptionist/manager when scheduling the appointment. So, I had to turn around and get another appointment to get them groomed properly, more money put out, they are worth it though, but Pawsmahal isn't. I don't know if other groomers with the company are different (I am hoping so) but I am not willing to risk my boys to Pasmahal again.
User Comment #1
by on June 12th, 2008 at

I had an appointment set back in May 2008 for June 12th at 4:00pm at my house for my cat, Willow, to get a "Lion Cut".

They didn't have my one previous appointment (which was very nice, but $90, by the way) in 2007 listed in their database. I didn't think anything of it.

I received a phone call from Mildred roughly 1-2 weeks before my appointment letting me know that there was an opening for her to come that day. I graciously thanked her for that opportunity, but couldn't break away from work unscheduled like that.

June 12th arrives. I took off work early, losing roughly $80 of my takehome pay, just so I could make this appointment. I was desperate as my cat's fur was starting to get beyond what I could take care of..

I was there at 3:50pm. Had my carrier ready. I waited.

4:00pm. No one there. No problem.
4:15pm. No one there. Well, appointments do run late sometimes. Besides, my girlfriend is often 15 minutes late. ;-)
4:30pm. No one there. Hmm... I wonder what's going on. Did they forget?
4:40pm. Still no one. I called their number 757-826-4777. Left a voicemail asking where they were, telling them that I could stay for another hour, but I really need them to show soon as I had other things to do.
5:10pm I received a call claiming that they didn't have me scheduled until July 8th. We had a lengthy discussion about how this happened, but the scheduler refused to concede that they made a scheduling error. This error cost me my time, money, and put me in a position of trying to figure out what I am going to do to take care of my cat.

My advice. Look elsewhere. Take the time out of your schedule and try a more reliable, cheaper service like Canine by Design. They do good work, but no at home service. I'm now on their waiting list where I'll be out more money just to do what's right.
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