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"Around 3-4 years ago when I retired, I took everything I got from my 401K. I thought that when I received the money the tax was taken out. I was wrong. I was also wrong to believe the IRS wouldn?t get my government check. They garnished me for more than a year and I finally contacted these attorneys.."
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"It's been quite a while since I'd filed my returns, so I was terrified when I got my first notice. I realized I needed to get my issues fixed. First notice was from IRS, the second was from the State of California. Their attorneys help me from day one. I am happy to say that my tax debt is.."
"I am a single mom raising two kids. My ex has been claiming my kids for quite a while. Every year I would have to deal with the IRS issues and provide evidence that they live with me. I am used to the IRS being a problem. This past year it happened again and I wound up owing $14,000 for a different .."
"The Internal Revenue Service is a large animal. Knowing they are the largest collection agency in the country didn?t scare me. What scared me was that I owed them money and I've got no clue what they'd do to make me pay for it. The last notice I received stated that I owed more than $36,00.."
"I became very worried as soon as I received a garnishment on my wages. I didn't realized that my tax problem had fallen so overdue. I knew it was bad, but didn?t know it was REALLY bad. I called these people and they began concentrating on my situation from the very first day. I provided them a.."
"If you?re having problems with the IRS, call them. I can?t say enough positive things about them. From start to finish, I am very happy. We had been in serious trouble, and I had no idea exactly what the result would be. My fear of the unknown is gone and my IRS Tax Debt is FIXED!"
"I was used by Tax Masters and JK Harris. I feel like I?ve invested so much in an attempt to have this tax mess resolved. I was hesitant with regards to phoning these folks, but I?m relieved I did. They even discounted the charge for my services since I had already been through a lot. Today, I'm.."