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"I have had a great experience while completing treatment at Sober District.   When arrived at the center I and I felt welcomed and the environment was warm.  Eventually, as I formed connections and bonds, I felt like I was at home and the people here are now my family. I love the work ethic and th.."
"This is an amazing place that changed my life forever. Not only did the treat my physical symptoms and support me in staying clean, the amazing staff and therapists helped me learn how to deal with my emotional issues as well. I cannot express how grateful I am for finding this place. I have never f.."
"I highly recommend this treatment center.  The staff was wonderful with helping detox (giving the right medication, watching for any issues,  dealing with emotions and physical responses).  Then we started to look at the underlying root cause of my addiction.  This was the real impact to my reco.."
July 2nd, 2019 1:27 AM CDT
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